I don’t want my life to be meaningless, how many times have we heard that, but it’s true, I don’t. Then what is meaningless and to who does it mean nothing? I think every life must mean something, even those we can’t find the meaning in.

I’m a regression therapist, well that’s one of the things I do. Because of this, I realise I’m more than the person I am today, I am everybody I have ever been. That helps with the ego a bit because it’s not all about me, the person I am today, it’s about those other parts of me stored in my subconscious. Everyone I have ever been or might be is with me now, I know that’s hard to get your head around.  My soul has travelled, it’s learnt and spent time on many a meaningless pursuit.

When I was regressed a few years back, I visited several lives, my favourite a doctor who kept a journal of his findings, I loved him. Then there was this one woman I saw, it was me, I had no time for her, I didn’t like her because she had wasted her life, it had been meaningless. Now as I think about her today, was it so meaningless if my visiting her, helped me see I wanted a purpose in this life.  Interesting isn’t it, can we waste a life to help another, now there’s a thought!

Daily Prompt – Meaningless


18 thoughts on “Meaningless”

  1. I don’t think anyone’s life is meaningless Liza, if one thinks they are meaningless it would suggest that they have not found themselves! That does not give them they title of meaningless.

    Life is too precious to feel like that. Who decides what is meaningless! What is wrong with just being!


    1. I totally agree with you, that’s what I meant my dear when I said to who does it mean nothing. Although I also have to admit to wasting some time finding meaning, we all do but that time is still of value. TBH I was just playing with thoughts and thought it an interesting question 🙂


  2. Being regression therapist might be so cool
    Being able to be in touch with your past lives and also see others journey
    All the best

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