I wear a coat of many colours, a chameleon as such.

I chop and change my outside, don’t wear the same face much.

I’ve sat on many cushions, woven through with many tales.

Comfortable just for a while, then comes my time to sail.

I wear a hat then cast it off, as like my mind I change.

Each day a new beginning, we will never have again.

Ridden on a donkey’s back, driven a new car.

Miles and miles I’ve trodden here, travelled very far.

Transitioning through lifetimes with a book of many tasks.

I am a different person now, I have so many masks.

But then to step inside of me, the makeup is the same.

There will always be an essence here, when I come back again.

So watch me very closely, as through this life I go.

We will meet again sometime, but only we will know.

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