Two Little Boys 

Two little boys are squabbling now, 

just like children throwing stones.

Shouldn’t we tell their mummy’s, 

I think they should really go home.

Arguing about who’s the biggest, 

yet it’s warheads their shouting about.

I think we should close the playground, 

isn’t it about time they got out!



I’m waking up at ridiculous o’clock wondering what the news is going to say today. 

I’m beyond horrified, I’m flabbergasted that these children continue to play with our lives as if we are counters at the bottom of a toy box, cast aside for the big guns. 

I really think it’s time we put them to bed, time for mum’s and dads to take back control don’t you think?

I’m not politically minded, I don’t understand war or rhetoric but I understand care and I think it’s about time we took some care of our planet and lives.

Hopefully with that out I can go back to sleep!

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