To Leave You in the Lurch

I didn’t mean to go away,

or to leave you in the lurch.

It’s just I needed time for me,

I’ve moved to a new perch.

Yet another move in a year,

I found it took it out of me.

I needed time to find myself,

and a space so I could see.

I’m now I’m back for a bit,

as I’m off to France in days.

I’ll try to send you updates,

you know I won’t stay away.


My attempt at today’s daily prompt word was an apology for being absent, not because I haven’t been updating my blog but because I’ve missed so many of your posts.

I moved again and I think it took it out of me a little this time, I needed a little space for me, to adjust to my new surroundings and sort some things out. I don’t think it was such a bright idea to move between the partial and full eclipse, let’s not forget the opening of the Lion’s Gate either!

I imagine a few people have taken time out, it’s been a funny time, lots of energy and emotions flying about but I’m hoping it will settle now.

Anyway I’m sorry I have missed your posts, I will do my best to catch up with them over the next few days while I’m away.

It’s good to be back πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “To Leave You in the Lurch”

  1. They say a move is equivalent to having a baby, so, you go girl, you accomplished a lot 2 in one year woot. Hope your feeling stronger and more relaxed soon. Most of all, be kind to yourself, your worth it. As for the dreams, how interesting. Someone was calling out to you.


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