I Pray

I pray I can climb a high mountain,

be in touch with the divine.

Swim across seas of the deepest blues, 

drink of the finest of wines.

Travel this world then go far beyond,

dance on stars so bright.

Harness the sun as it rises at dawn,

ride hard until setting at night.

I pray I experience all that there is, 

yet still be hungry for more.

I pray I dance through my final years,

there’s so much more to explore.



Christmas Prayer


For Christmas I’d like

a world full of peace,

laughter and love

and to set free the geese.

And enough food

for the whole world to be full,

warmth and shelter

and a cracker to pull.

The weather

can do what it likes on the day,

as all of the people

will be tucked safely away.

So Santa please listen

if you’re really there,

spread it around,

please answer my prayer.

~ lizalizaskysaregrey©2016


Giving Thanks

I give thanks for all I have in life,

as I wake up each day,

Things I have and what I’ve not,

I’ll find along the way.

I’m rich in friends and family,

surrounded by their love.

Love’s energy still touches,

from those who are above.

I have my health I’m wealthy,

because my body works.

I have my hair and I’m not too fat,

sure I have my quirks.

For flowers and the forests,

where I take my nature walks.

For the lessons that I’m learning,

through interesting talks.

I give thanks each day for everything,

for everything I’ve got.

I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams,

because of what I’ve got.



Love Is..

Love is really just a prayer, for all that we hold dear.

Love transcends the universe, it’s really very clear.

Love is a message gently shared, of feelings we hold.

Love is kind and gentle, then sometimes very bold.

Love is really just a thought, our putting wishes out.

For those that that touch our hearts, to never go without.

Love is a tender mantra, we utter as we breath.

When unconditional love is strong, it’s really all we need.

Prayer for the Hopeless

I ask to be as slim as when I thought that I was fat

Those days of long gone by, when I thought that I looked crap

Oh to fit that little piece, I kept in posterity

Who would ever have thought it once looked good on me


The years pile on my waistline, however hard I’ve tried

When I try to pull my jeans up,  they hear a random cry

I have to accept this padding, as it refuses to go away

I wish, I pray and hope that it will be fashionable one day