Christmas Prayer


For Christmas I’d like

a world full of peace,

laughter and love

and to set free the geese.

And enough food

for the whole world to be full,

warmth and shelter

and a cracker to pull.

The weather

can do what it likes on the day,

as all of the people

will be tucked safely away.

So Santa please listen

if you’re really there,

spread it around,

please answer my prayer.

~ lizalizaskysaregrey©2016


6 thoughts on “Christmas Prayer”

  1. I loved it. I had to ask my son to interpret the phrase, “a cracker to pull!” A great poem. Of course, we know Santa is not there! But, we know who is. 🙂 And, have a great holiday. Our forecast for Christmas is a balmy 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit, with rain! tc

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    1. Thank you! Great you had your son to help you 😉 It would be nice if my prayer could be answered wouldn’t it, but even putting thoughts out helps I think. I hope you have a lovely holiday too. I think we have it colder than you but that’s okay we can just stay in and feast! 🙂


      1. You’re welcome! My son is a linguist, and we both have spent years in Bangladesh, so have rubbed shoulder with many great British and Australian people. We not only had to learn Bangla, but British English! Fun, indeed.

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