Prayer for the Hopeless

I ask to be as slim as when I thought that I was fat

Those days of long gone by, when I thought that I looked crap

Oh to fit that little piece, I kept in posterity

Who would ever have thought it once looked good on me


The years pile on my waistline, however hard I’ve tried

When I try to pull my jeans up,  they hear a random cry

I have to accept this padding, as it refuses to go away

I wish, I pray and hope that it will be fashionable one day


2 thoughts on “Prayer for the Hopeless”

  1. Oh wow. I look back on pictures of me where I know in them I felt I was fat. And I think ‘ geeeezze to look like that again! ‘ . on the ‘plus’ side, ( no pun intended) it now helsp me to feel better in my skin today. Knowing that in 10 years I’ll be looking back on these photos thinking I was just the right size. I love my body because of that fact. 🙂 And you should too!

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