Embarrassing Moments

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me, now let me think.

Was it when my little boy going through the subway stopped to tell the guard he was five really and only pretending to be four to travel free.  Or was it when the same little angel stood up on a bus in a culturally diverse area of town and told most of the passengers they should be in Africa after watching Sesame Street.   I have never let him forget either of these embarrassing moments, not that I think he really cares.  Thats the beauty of kids, they are brilliant with their honest approach to life, they say what they feel and don’t consider the consequences.

Another embarrassing memory is the time my best friend asked me to smell some perfume in a shop, I did and told her it smelt like cats pee only to find it nicely wrapped up on the table when we got home.  That we are still friends nearly 40 years later is a mystery.  I used to get embarrassed lots when I was younger, I always appeared to be putting my foot in it in one way or another.   I will never forget the feeling of those red cheeks when the boy I liked looked my way, I could feel it creeping up and there was no stopping the flush of fancy!

I can’t think of what might embarrass me now, I don’t blush anymore and if I’m honest I don’t really get embarrassed.  I laugh out loud a lot when I make mistakes, I turn myself into a joke often to lighten the atmosphere but rarely do I get embarrassed.  Now is this because I have learnt etiquette, I watch my P’s and Q’s and I’m no longer wishing for a boyfriend or is it because I simply don’t really give two monkeys what people think about me anymore.  I have lost the need to fit in with everyone else, I like to be different now.

I believe it’s probably a mixture of things but certainly one thing is I have connected to my inner child and I will ponder a while on what might embarrass her.

3 thoughts on “Embarrassing Moments”

  1. I really like this. It’s like growing up, don’t ya think. Now that I think about it, its not like i miss those embarressing parts of it. Not to say they don’t have NEVER to me now, but it’s a part of being young that i’m okay with leaving behind.

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