A Fat Blogger?

I spend so much time in front of my computer screen reading and writing that quite honestly I’m getting as fat as a house. I’ve always been a healthy weight, up and down but have always been able to buy my clothes in high street stores. Just lately I’ve noticed that my clothes are a little tighter, some don’t fit and I can only put it down to the inactivity of writing and working from home.

When I write, I’m absorbed in the moment, I remain focussed and stay still, okay my fingers move but nothing else, no foot tapping or fidgeting, my mind is with the words, I’ve left my body if you like. Reading is the same my focus goes onto the written word and my body is again left to do its own thing.

I’ve wondered if my body is expanding to remind me it’s here, if it is, it’s working, as if I can’t fit in my clothes I’m going to have to think about where I write!

I walk every day, I love walking and as you know if you read my blog taking photos of nature, but I’m not doing enough in terms of exercise if it’s just a couple of miles a day against hours on the laptop.

I’ve decided I’m going to give standing up while I work a go, I’ve read some offices do this now with standing work stations. So I’ve set my Mac up on a kitchen counter and I’m going to complete my work there. Any telephone calls I have to make connected to work will be made walking around too.

This will be if anything an interesting experiment, maybe my writing will be rubbish, maybe I won’t get enough work done but it’s worth a try as I’m not giving into the flab!

Does anyone out there have any experience of this or any wise words of wisdom?

Liza (written while standing ;-))

Prayer for the Hopeless

I ask to be as slim as when I thought that I was fat

Those days of long gone by, when I thought that I looked crap

Oh to fit that little piece, I kept in posterity

Who would ever have thought it once looked good on me


The years pile on my waistline, however hard I’ve tried

When I try to pull my jeans up,  they hear a random cry

I have to accept this padding, as it refuses to go away

I wish, I pray and hope that it will be fashionable one day