A New Me

This year brings a brand new me,

I’m creating her from the old.

Casting away what I don’t like,

what still remains is untold.

Inside I think it’s much easier,

with a gradual change over years.

Now when I look in the mirror,

I’m ready to let go of the tears.

The path I was on has ended now,

I came to the end of the road.

I couldn’t sustain it anymore,

I was carrying such a big load.

Called it a day and I’m selling up,

I am culling from what own.

I’m planning to travel for a while,

before I find my new home.

I’m not sure how I’ll live my life,

but pressure won’t be as high.

I know that I want to work with love,

there’s lots out there I can try.

So if you have any tips from life,

please let me know your ideas.

I’m hoping what I have in front,

will be the very best years.




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