Another Beginning?

We stepped through the open door,

when we left that year behind.

A brand new day with another chance, 

let us cast the old from our mind.

We wiped our feet as we happily crossed,

that threshold from the past.

Sang out with the old and in with the new,

but do sentiments ever last.

Some did not make it through the door,

we hold their memories near.

With some new pictures on the wall,

faces that are not yet clear.

We remember those difficult endings,

so full with pain and sorrow.

Ravaged by all that hurt they caused,

hoped and prayed for tomorrow. 

But the darkest of days has now passed,

and spring will be fresh and new.

There is sure to be brightness up ahead,

just look up and you’ll see it too.

So what will the next year bring home,

maybe repeat mistakes of the past.

Those fresh resolutions that we made,

will those promises ever last.

One day we might see it’s all a trick,

as there’s really no old and new.

What happens to us purely dictated,

by the things that we say and do.

~ Liza






Just as there is a base to a mountain, a shore to a lake and an edge to a desert. Everything in this life has a beginning, middle and end. It is up to us to recognise these stages and make preparations. A swimmer walks into the lake from the shore in full knowledge that it will get deeper, the mountaineer gathers the equipment he will need to ascend the mountain and the man crossing the desert ensures he has plenty of water for the journey. However steep or rough the journey ahead of you may be, take opportunity to pause in the transition zone and make sure you are prepared for the journey ahead in body, mind and spirit.

~ Liza