I paused a bit, I took time out,

I focussed more on life.

I took a breath, I looked about,

I let go of all my strife.

I opened up, I took a fresh look,

I found it was just there.

I took a pause, I closed the book,

I threw away my cares.


Daily Prompt – Pause

I took the weekend off, I haven’t posted in two days, the longest time for me! I spent some time with myself, I pondered a bit and I found some answers!





Just as there is a base to a mountain, a shore to a lake and an edge to a desert. Everything in this life has a beginning, middle and end. It is up to us to recognise these stages and make preparations. A swimmer walks into the lake from the shore in full knowledge that it will get deeper, the mountaineer gathers the equipment he will need to ascend the mountain and the man crossing the desert ensures he has plenty of water for the journey. However steep or rough the journey ahead of you may be, take opportunity to pause in the transition zone and make sure you are prepared for the journey ahead in body, mind and spirit.

~ Liza