I paused a bit, I took time out,

I focussed more on life.

I took a breath, I looked about,

I let go of all my strife.

I opened up, I took a fresh look,

I found it was just there.

I took a pause, I closed the book,

I threw away my cares.


Daily Prompt – Pause

I took the weekend off, I haven’t posted in two days, the longest time for me! I spent some time with myself, I pondered a bit and I found some answers!



4 thoughts on “Pause”

  1. Brilliant, just what you needed. I was thinking about you the other day and I know you have lots of experience dealing with people and I know the direction that you are following but correct me if I am wrong ( which can be often) but it’s rather a niche market. I thought maybe that an easier money earner to run alongside what you want to eventually do full time and which I believe would be good, would be a life coach.

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