Clearing Out the Closet

A fresh start so often means a change of what we do into something else that resembles what we did. To truly start afresh it requires a deep cleanse, a real clearing of the old.

How often do we go through our closets, have a clear out and yet keep so much of what we don’t need. That too tight pair of shoes, that will never fit and cripple our feet to walk in but just cost far too much to throw away. Those clothes that won’t fit, but we keep them because of a dream we once had and those things we put on and immediately take off again, because they just don’t look right. How many of these things do we put back in the back of the closet time and time again.

It’s the same with books we will never read again, photos that stay in a box and a good majority of the things we own but don’t use.  Why don’t we throw them out, better still give them to someone who will use them? I believe it is because we are scared, terrified of being without because these are the things that say who we are as a person and yet the real person is within us.

As people, we hold onto so much of what is no longer necessary, those parts of ourself that no longer fit.  We carry them around with us, more through familiarity than anything and fear of letting go, fear of having nothing to replace them with, fear of emptiness.

If we compare ourselves to a closet, isn’t it better that there is more space, that we can move along the rails easily, that we can find what we want without searching and there is space to grow.

I’ve reached a point of cleansing, I want to move on from what I was into who I am.  I don’t think it will be easy, there are a lot of things to sort through.  I’m spending lots of time going through things.  I have already sorted through my books and music, over fifty percent has now gone to charity.  I found it really interesting, because these things once represented me, told any visitor who I was. As they went into the charity sack I was able to see that they are no longer a part of me and it helped me to have a better understanding of the person left behind. The books I kept still talk to me, as does the music, but I will go through them again, because at the moment I am continually changing.

Today I will tackle the wardrobe, I will look at each item as a part of me, think about how it makes me feel and decide if it fits. If I make a mistake in letting something go, it’s okay, it won’t be the end of the world because like anything we let go of we can easily pick it up again.



Another Beginning?

We stepped through the open door,

when we left that year behind.

A brand new day with another chance, 

let us cast the old from our mind.

We wiped our feet as we happily crossed,

that threshold from the past.

Sang out with the old and in with the new,

but do sentiments ever last.

Some did not make it through the door,

we hold their memories near.

With some new pictures on the wall,

faces that are not yet clear.

We remember those difficult endings,

so full with pain and sorrow.

Ravaged by all that hurt they caused,

hoped and prayed for tomorrow. 

But the darkest of days has now passed,

and spring will be fresh and new.

There is sure to be brightness up ahead,

just look up and you’ll see it too.

So what will the next year bring home,

maybe repeat mistakes of the past.

Those fresh resolutions that we made,

will those promises ever last.

One day we might see it’s all a trick,

as there’s really no old and new.

What happens to us purely dictated,

by the things that we say and do.

~ Liza