Leaving You




I’m leaving you now,

I’m no longer fulfilled,

you no longer make me as whole.

I’ve sadness as I think of you,

also happiness in my new role.

We once were so right,

we clicked you and me,

an honest and truthful match.

But then came the day,

we’d changed so much,

a new plan I needed to hatch.

The trauma we’ve shared,

deep crisis and such,

I always saw it through.

It’s not I don’t care,

I really do,

I’ve still so much passion for you.

It’s just that I feel,

as I’ve grown beside you,

I’m not the same girl anymore.

And the things that I do,

they don’t impact on you,

or at least I’m not so sure.

I’m not going far,

I might see you one day,

our paths may cross again.

I’m not ruling it out,

my vision unclear,

it’s still connected to pain.

So please wish me well,

as I will do you,

let us want the best for each other.

I’m sending you love,

I’ll think about you,

I so want you to recover.



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