Crossing Over

I’m standing on the crossing,

staring out into the night.

Silence wrapped around me,

with not a soul in sight.

I’m waiting for the passage,

the ride to some place else.

I’m not taking any luggage,

and I’m going by myself.

But then I hear you’re calling,

wailing out my name.

I know for you my darling,

life won’t be the same.

I want to run and hold you,

to do what mothers will.

I can’t leave now I’m here,

everything stands still.

I said I would be leaving,

knew the time would come.

Please remember all our years,

the times so full of fun.

I’m so proud I am your mother,

that we had this time.

I wouldn’t say it often,

but I’d use the word sublime.

Now I’m crossing over,

you won’t come for years.

I know my passing will be painful, 

With many, many tears.

But please just wait a moment,

while I say goodbye.

I know I ask an awful lot of you,

but please my darling try.

As while I stand here waiting,

for the train to come.

I’m holding on to moments,

that I am still your mum.

Daily Prompt – Crossing


Nature Lessons 119

Nature welcomes each season, change is inevitable and each season brings with it something new.  Nature bows gracefully to the new season, plants and flowers fall in death to nourish the earth, making way for new life, some will step aside as if suspended until a time of renewal.  We all have our time to shine on earth, let it mean something. 

~ Liza 



Everything will one day go, nothing is forever.  However maddening this thought might be, our bodies will age, our looks will diminish and our hair will thin and maybe fall out. Our brains will slow down and our minds fail us at some point. Relationships will end and people we love will die. Friendships finish and new ones begin, people will continue to come in and out of our lives.

The house and car will age, the job finish, paintings and photographs will fade and those wonderful things we have around us will one day be junk. Savings rise and fall continuously, stocks and shares will go up and down.

The earth as we know it will change.  Shorelines will change shape, cliffs erode, air quality might reduce and stars will eventually run out of gas and die.

For everything there is a beginning and an end, nothing stays forever.  It’s a sobering thought isn’t it, that everything around us including the vehicle we travel in as our body will some day come to an end.

This makes it even more necessary for us to take care of our inner being, our spirit, soul, whatever you like to call it, because that I think this might be the only thing that will last, that will outlive all those things we think so precious.  My inner being, yours too, is not concerned with wealth or collections, they are the presence inside of this vehicle, just waiting and watching for everything else to end.

Daily prompt – Maddening sort of fitted 😉



One day we walk out of this life without anything, no possessions, no wealth and no good looks. We might wear an outfit, wear a special pendant, hold letters or photos but those things will remain here with our bodies, they will be of no use in the hereafter. The soul that leaves this life does so without anything to accompany it on its journey.

Look around now and consider how valuable those possessions are, the house, the car, the job. I don’t know where we go after this life, but do know we arrive there with nothing. We can’t buy our way in, can’t flash a gold card, call on our friends or do that secret handshake. It will just be the true essence of self because the body and those things we clutched onto in the coffin will have disappeared.

When I die I  want to be able say I did my best, I forgot myself initially I but spent a long time trying to find myself. I want to think I will have been kind enough, loving enough, honest and trustworthy enough but I suppose in the end that depends on now, what I do with the time I have left.

I’m surrounded by possessions, memories most of them. I find it really hard to let go of things. Some stored away safely, no good to anyone, boxed or in the loft. I’m aware that the things I stash might be of good use to those in need, I really must let go of what I’m not using.

When we rid ourselves of our attachments, those things that hold us in one place, to a certain way of life we grow, that’s we find ourselves amongst the clutter.

You might have guessed I’m preparing myself for a big sort out!

Nature Lessons 110

Remember those that have left before us, not with sadness and misery but with joy and celebration. Isn’t that what they would have wanted, is that not what we want for our own children when our time comes for us to make that final journey. If we want to be remembered in happiness, we should practice it while we live, let our children know now, that happiness is okay, let it be our epitaph.

~ Liza 



I went to a funeral yesterday, it was my friends mothers. I’ve known her most of my life so it felt like family. It wasn’t a sad affair at all, full of laughter and good memories. Pearl was ninty two and had a relatively good life, only really getting poorly at the end. My friend won’t mind me saying, but her mum was a cantankerous old girl, one of her regular sayings ‘please or offend, I speak as I find’. Luckily I think she liked me, or at least I don’t think I ever upset her, although it wasn’t the same for everyone. There were those who absolutely not welcome at the funeral, even in death Pearl would not be crossed.

My friend asked me to stay with her for the night, of course I did and we sat up drinking and talking until the early hours.  We laughed a lot as we recalled some of her mothers antics. Pearl had a liking for the old fashioned liquid Camp Coffee and we added this to our espresso martini’s in her honour. 

This morning before we parted my friend said ‘ I really enjoyed myself yesterday, we must do it again soon’.  I don’t think she’d really thought that one through, at least I’d hope not because as nice as it was I’m sure we can think of another event we will enjoy as much, without someone having to sacrifice themselves for our enjoyment.

Thanks for the memories Pearl, you’ll not be forgotten.


There are many flowers on earth and many seasons in which to bloom.  As each flower withers and dies another springs into life somewhere else.  To experience both joy and sadness in ones life is to understand balance, the changing of seasons of life, and that each ending brings with it the potential of a new beginning.

~ Liza



Transformed Love


I hear the echoes of you voice

in nearly everything I do

and when I’m undecided,

I’ll refer the choice to you.

There is reflection of your beauty

in everything I see.

I feel your touch another way,

soft and caressing me.

I remember the lessons taught to me,

I’m still learning as I go,

but found them really helpful,

which really goes to show.

You knew I’d need you when you left,

so left memories for me.

Your energy still lingers here,

lights up everything I see.

And then you know I feel your love,

when I’m sitting still.

Suppose you send it through me,

you have the strongest will.

I will never forget you

because you never really left.

We continue now another way,

I think we’ve passed the test.

Of knowing love continues,

transforms but never dies.

Love is all around us now,

we just can’t see it with our eyes.