Crossing Over

I’m standing on the crossing,

staring out into the night.

Silence wrapped around me,

with not a soul in sight.

I’m waiting for the passage,

the ride to some place else.

I’m not taking any luggage,

and I’m going by myself.

But then I hear you’re calling,

wailing out my name.

I know for you my darling,

life won’t be the same.

I want to run and hold you,

to do what mothers will.

I can’t leave now I’m here,

everything stands still.

I said I would be leaving,

knew the time would come.

Please remember all our years,

the times so full of fun.

I’m so proud I am your mother,

that we had this time.

I wouldn’t say it often,

but I’d use the word sublime.

Now I’m crossing over,

you won’t come for years.

I know my passing will be painful, 

With many, many tears.

But please just wait a moment,

while I say goodbye.

I know I ask an awful lot of you,

but please my darling try.

As while I stand here waiting,

for the train to come.

I’m holding on to moments,

that I am still your mum.

Daily Prompt – Crossing