I went to a funeral yesterday, it was my friends mothers. I’ve known her most of my life so it felt like family. It wasn’t a sad affair at all, full of laughter and good memories. Pearl was ninty two and had a relatively good life, only really getting poorly at the end. My friend won’t mind me saying, but her mum was a cantankerous old girl, one of her regular sayings ‘please or offend, I speak as I find’. Luckily I think she liked me, or at least I don’t think I ever upset her, although it wasn’t the same for everyone. There were those who absolutely not welcome at the funeral, even in death Pearl would not be crossed.

My friend asked me to stay with her for the night, of course I did and we sat up drinking and talking until the early hours.  We laughed a lot as we recalled some of her mothers antics. Pearl had a liking for the old fashioned liquid Camp Coffee and we added this to our espresso martini’s in her honour. 

This morning before we parted my friend said ‘ I really enjoyed myself yesterday, we must do it again soon’.  I don’t think she’d really thought that one through, at least I’d hope not because as nice as it was I’m sure we can think of another event we will enjoy as much, without someone having to sacrifice themselves for our enjoyment.

Thanks for the memories Pearl, you’ll not be forgotten.

7 thoughts on “Funeral ”

  1. To get to 92 is a blessing and her passing should and was a celebration Love old people with character, which is just as well with my mum. 😳😬

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