Nature Lessons 119

Nature welcomes each season, change is inevitable and each season brings with it something new.  Nature bows gracefully to the new season, plants and flowers fall in death to nourish the earth, making way for new life, some will step aside as if suspended until a time of renewal.  We all have our time to shine on earth, let it mean something. 

~ Liza 


Fearing the Future 

I’m scared of seeing myself honestly, 

for the person I truly am.

Without the props and dressing up, 

I  really don’t think I can.

That’s not your plan for me today, 

you insist I look in the mirror.

The mirror of truth to introspect, 

bring the self a little nearer.

Fear in my heart, a shortness of breath, 

I just want to stay in bed. 

Hide myself, keep eyes shut tight, 

each moment filled with dread.

I’ve prayed, begged and cried,

what more can I do so you’ll listen.

Give me more time, let me linger here,

please don’t let me loose my position.

Your pulling me now, there’s no turning back,

then over the edge do I fall.

My wings open up, I’m starting to fly,

all the fear led to nothing at all.

Transformation – DP

I going through a transformation,

but I am not alone.

For everyones included,

unless your made of stone.

The universe is shifting now,

it is moving up in gears.

Taking merely days to change,

what at once took years.

The super moons transforming,

did you see those skies.

Are we ready for the change,

will it mean goodbyes.

Will it mean we all wake up,

will we understand.

Will it feel like we’re living

in a foreign land.

Whatever the transformation,

it’s coming anyway.

Hold nothing really close to you,

it probably won’t stay.

I think we’ll be more spiritual,

connected more to source.

Depends I suppose if we remain

if we stay the course.


via Daily Prompt: Transformation


Silence – DP

Silence is where I find myself,

where the true authentic self lives.

A restful place of peace and love, 

it is there my true heart gives.

Gives way to the spirit I truly am,

connects the observing one.

In silence I go to make sense of myself,

mend scars I’ve left undone.

I go deeply into just being,

where fears and complexities lie.

Find harmony in a natural state,

transform like a butterfly.



via Daily Prompt: Silence

Earth Angel

Angel feasting on the flower, tell me what it is like.

That you transformed from a tiny beast, simply overnight.

Did you know your time had come, did you other angels see.

Your transformation indicates, that this could occur to me.

Do you fly in other realms, where celestial beings roam.

Tell me when you changed your form did you go back home.

Colorful angel stop a while, to help me understand.

Are the flowers any sweeter, when you reach the other land.


When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she always had been. But she had wings
Dean Jackson

Life transforms us, experience and greater understanding of our purpose. I am not the child of my youth, although I think of her often as she did the best she could with the options open to her at the time. 

 I am not the wife, mother or friend that I once was, where I remain in any of these roles I have evolved into something else through experience and understanding.

 Life transforms us many times along the way and at the end, our transition transforms us once again.

Daily Word Prompt – Transformation

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