An action I often struggle with

Cause I struggle so with change

Consent to something different

Everything here is just strange

Patience while it happens to me

Trust in those heavens above

Acceptance of another place

Not that I wouldn’t choose love

Confidence I’ll just have faith

Eyes opening to what is new

2017 the biggest shift for all

? so how does it feel to you ?


Playing with the letters of acceptance for the Daily Prompt



Transformation – DP

I going through a transformation,

but I am not alone.

For everyones included,

unless your made of stone.

The universe is shifting now,

it is moving up in gears.

Taking merely days to change,

what at once took years.

The super moons transforming,

did you see those skies.

Are we ready for the change,

will it mean goodbyes.

Will it mean we all wake up,

will we understand.

Will it feel like we’re living

in a foreign land.

Whatever the transformation,

it’s coming anyway.

Hold nothing really close to you,

it probably won’t stay.

I think we’ll be more spiritual,

connected more to source.

Depends I suppose if we remain

if we stay the course.


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