Fearing the Future 

I’m scared of seeing myself honestly, 

for the person I truly am.

Without the props and dressing up, 

I  really don’t think I can.

That’s not your plan for me today, 

you insist I look in the mirror.

The mirror of truth to introspect, 

bring the self a little nearer.

Fear in my heart, a shortness of breath, 

I just want to stay in bed. 

Hide myself, keep eyes shut tight, 

each moment filled with dread.

I’ve prayed, begged and cried,

what more can I do so you’ll listen.

Give me more time, let me linger here,

please don’t let me loose my position.

Your pulling me now, there’s no turning back,

then over the edge do I fall.

My wings open up, I’m starting to fly,

all the fear led to nothing at all.

16 thoughts on “Fearing the Future ”

      1. I am sat here waiting for the removal men at lunch time, I’ve still got things to pack, John is dismantling the wardrobe lol. I refuse to rush and panic probably because I’m so tired. This has been the hardest move of all. Yet tonight when we are tucked up all snug I know it will be worth it. I’ve just been told that my 8 year old grandson has asked his mum is Grandma a gypsy lol, at least I won’t be remembered as boring!

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      2. When I was younger I loved change, when you get older and go through difficult times change can seem a little bit threatening…. so many people stay still in their comfort zones. At least I’ve learned things along the way about myself which is no bad thing. Would I do the same again? Probably not lol.

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