Nature Lessons 99

If we stop and take a good look at ourselves, peal back those layers like the petals of a flower, we will find the true self.  The self that is at the heart of each of us, that which is full of love and forgiveness, that which does not judge and simply knows us in truth.  Think about those layers, can you allow any of them to fall away, can you find your heart centre?

~ Liza



6 thoughts on “Nature Lessons 99”

  1. A meditative piece. Although you have not mentioned here, it talks about the various ‘Chakras’, which when aligned, activated, and in balance can bring harmonious feelings to life. Wonderful piece as always. I like this ‘Nature Series’, a wonderful concept.

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      1. Very much welcome, Liza. Remember, only few lines from you and we can have a lengthy philosophical discourse. 🙂 They carry depth and reflects on those facets which we neglect in life.


      2. Yes we can, I seem to get my point over in just a few lines, but that leads to more points for us to explore 🙂 Thank you, if as you say, they convey depth, I’m happy because it leads to interesting insightful conversations 🙂

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