Transformed Love


I hear the echoes of you voice

in nearly everything I do

and when I’m undecided,

I’ll refer the choice to you.

There is reflection of your beauty

in everything I see.

I feel your touch another way,

soft and caressing me.

I remember the lessons taught to me,

I’m still learning as I go,

but found them really helpful,

which really goes to show.

You knew I’d need you when you left,

so left memories for me.

Your energy still lingers here,

lights up everything I see.

And then you know I feel your love,

when I’m sitting still.

Suppose you send it through me,

you have the strongest will.

I will never forget you

because you never really left.

We continue now another way,

I think we’ve passed the test.

Of knowing love continues,

transforms but never dies.

Love is all around us now,

we just can’t see it with our eyes.




The Pull of Love

In a magic moment, I found what it was to love. 

I did not find it in a book or in the skies above.

I found it the memories, the ones that I hold dear.

If only I had know back then, what today is clear.

Love is not so obvious, it takes you by surprise.

Returns as you are unaware, comes back  in disguise.

It creeps up when your sleeping, or in another land

Then finally you feel it’s pull and you understand

Coffee Break


Over my morning coffee I think of me and you.

As I stir the milk and sugar, I hope that you do too.

The crumbs left from my pastry, tell the tail of us.

In tiny bits, not strong enough and scattered in the dust.

And the stain around the cup, is all that there remains.

Like the feelings now inside of me of memories and pain. 

I wish I’d stuck to water, never tempted to caffeine.

Then I wouldn’t feel like this and life would be a dream.

I wonder about another cup, but not in connection to us.

I think it might help a fraction while I try to readjust.