A Shadow on my Mind

Your key is hanging on the hook, 

redundant and unused.

And on the vacant seat you sat, 

the cushion is confused.

The records on the turntable, 

yet silence fills the air.

Your cup and saucer on the shelf, 

brimming over with despair.

As I wonder through each room,

your waiting there for me.

Your all around this home of ours, 

your in the air I breathe.

That day you turned away from me, 

you left a part of you behind.

For you still walk throughout my days, 

as a shadow of my mind.



Coffee Break


Over my morning coffee I think of me and you.

As I stir the milk and sugar, I hope that you do too.

The crumbs left from my pastry, tell the tail of us.

In tiny bits, not strong enough and scattered in the dust.

And the stain around the cup, is all that there remains.

Like the feelings now inside of me of memories and pain. 

I wish I’d stuck to water, never tempted to caffeine.

Then I wouldn’t feel like this and life would be a dream.

I wonder about another cup, but not in connection to us.

I think it might help a fraction while I try to readjust.