A Shadow on my Mind

Your key is hanging on the hook, 

redundant and unused.

And on the vacant seat you sat, 

the cushion is confused.

The records on the turntable, 

yet silence fills the air.

Your cup and saucer on the shelf, 

brimming over with despair.

As I wonder through each room,

your waiting there for me.

Your all around this home of ours, 

your in the air I breathe.

That day you turned away from me, 

you left a part of you behind.

For you still walk throughout my days, 

as a shadow of my mind.



Liking my Own Company 

I’m not lonely anymore now, I just like to be alone.

If you need me you can get me, I’ll always have my phone.

I’ve got used to my own company, I don’t worry what I say.

If you interrupt my solitude, you’ll have to go away.

It’s funny being by yourself, you have no one to blame.

No one turns the TV over, as that’s the greatest pain.

One plate and pan for washing up, a minute or so to do.

It’s not that I’m not interested, not that I don’t like you.

I’ve just got rather long in the tooth, prefer my own company.

So do me a favour and bugger off,  I’m happier when it’s only me.