One day we walk out of this life without anything, no possessions, no wealth and no good looks. We might wear an outfit, wear a special pendant, hold letters or photos but those things will remain here with our bodies, they will be of no use in the hereafter. The soul that leaves this life does so without anything to accompany it on its journey.

Look around now and consider how valuable those possessions are, the house, the car, the job. I don’t know where we go after this life, but do know we arrive there with nothing. We can’t buy our way in, can’t flash a gold card, call on our friends or do that secret handshake. It will just be the true essence of self because the body and those things we clutched onto in the coffin will have disappeared.

When I die I  want to be able say I did my best, I forgot myself initially I but spent a long time trying to find myself. I want to think I will have been kind enough, loving enough, honest and trustworthy enough but I suppose in the end that depends on now, what I do with the time I have left.

I’m surrounded by possessions, memories most of them. I find it really hard to let go of things. Some stored away safely, no good to anyone, boxed or in the loft. I’m aware that the things I stash might be of good use to those in need, I really must let go of what I’m not using.

When we rid ourselves of our attachments, those things that hold us in one place, to a certain way of life we grow, that’s we find ourselves amongst the clutter.

You might have guessed I’m preparing myself for a big sort out!

5 thoughts on “Clutter”

  1. yay a great post, I rid myself of things 12 years ago, the only things dear to me now are my wedding and engagement rings which will go to my daughters and my mum’s original wedding ring which will pass to my one granddaughter. Nothing else apart from my loved ones mean anything . We arrive with nothing, we leave with nothing. It feels so good to cleanse Liza. xx

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      1. Mine was forced on me too. Lol. When I eventually sold the house I was with my next husband to be who had his own house, the only thing I took with me was my clothes and my three angels oh and my cat! Which he made me part with before we went to Spain, that was my biggest regret. You are now coming to the stage when you realise that possessions don’t really matter, like me you may shed a few tears but it feels so good afterwards ❤️️

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      2. I wasn’t looking for another husband either by any means but my heart was open to it. ❤️️ I vowed I would never get married again,


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