Nature Lessons 351

When we only look at the external we are not really seeing the true being.

Look at the flower, beautiful as it’s bloom may be, it cannot stand without the roots, the love that flows through the stem and leaves that balance.

We are more than just the face, the body around us, we are what runs within, holds us up and everything that has ever happened to us.

~ Liza



Beautiful Stuff

I look over at the oriental lilies, they’ve not opened yet, but I know when they do they will be beautiful. The aroma will flow through my home and they will look glorious in the tall glass vase in which they stand. I look around my home and see all the beautiful things around me, I love beauty, it doesn’t have to be anything of value, it just has to speak to me. My mum used to say, and I think someone said it before her, ‘only keep the things around you that are beautiful’, I agree, I can let anything else go.

My idea of beauty will probably be totally different to anyone elses. I love rich colour, I have an old oriental rug across the middle of the room in deepest reds, tapestry cushions, wood, photos of beautiful people I love and paintings that speak to me. I like paintings, or prints as most of them are of dancers and women. I like reminders of places that are special, like the prints I have of Brighton, Richmond and Montmartre.

I collect memories, silly things like pebbles from beaches, notes from friends and family heirlooms and mirrors, I love mirrors and crystals too. I have plenty of candles, I never have a main light on and I just love my kitchen, implements and an array of ingredients. I like good linens and crisp white towels. I believe I make a nice home, I’m happy in my home, it describes me well.

But it’s stuff isn’t it, just stuff. I might find it beautiful, others might, but one day I’ll get up and leave it all behind. One day I’ll walk out of here and leave my body behind me too.

I intend to get over my attachment to things one day, one day I’ll have no choice. In the mean time, which I hope will go on for quite a while, I’m letting things go. I live much more minimally than I did, I want to get better. Because you see, one day after I’ve gone. Maybe after they bury or cremate me, I don’t want anyone else to have to worry about my beautiful things and what to do with them.



The Magus / Magician


Mercury as a messenger with the wings of spirit,

he’s pure brilliance in every way.

His energy spreading and radiating far out,

such a communicator one would say.

Imparting his knowledge in every great way,

inspired, resilient and well timed.

Finding a better orator, there never was one,

a match would be hard to find

To balance and juggle the possibilities as well,

in bringing those ideas into light.

Extremely creative in reaching his goals,

but he can make it appear right.

In duality he’s about truth and falsehood,

might well be questioned himself.

He’ll just as easily walk the wrong path,

by not caring for anybody else.

The twinkle he has and the curl of his lip,

he’s often good natured and fun.

The monkey that comes along by his side,

it’s great Thoth as the golden one.

Along with telepathy he’s inspired vision,

he has a true knowledge of being.

An ability to bring about transformations,

a directness to help others in seeing.

Philosophical, religious and spiritual master,

an arrow gets him right to the point.

With those two snakes at the head and tail,

in healing he won’t disappoint.

A gold cup with snake to hold onto emotions,

relationships he’ll manage quite well.

The Eye of Horus, great God of perception,

sees truth in the tales that he tells.

So will he just misuse those great powers of his,

to get himself to the top of his game.

Or could he be much more self-examining,

work in service to those that have pain.


I’m studying the Thoth Tarot again so I thought I would attempt to put individual cards into poetry to assist my memory.  Not sure if it will work but it’s fun to play with 🙂





All You Need…..


The universe is not outside of you, look inside yourself, everything that you want you are ~ Rumi

All you need, you already have, everything that you require to get through life you already possess. We hold great knowledge within us, we came with it, we just need to trust in this truth and locate it.

It is in our capability to access all the knowledge we will ever need, it is inside each of us and all of us, as individuals and as united souls. Asking means listening and trusting, remaining open to suggestion but listening for and trusting in our own internal voice.

We are older than we think, older than our bodies, we have been here before and we will come here again, we are old souls and can access all that we need to know, we can remember and tap into the souls of many lifetimes and access the universal knowledge that flows through these lives.

There are no questions without answers, even the ones we have not answered on earth have been answered at some point on some plane. We are capable of accessing these answers, because they were written for us.

Yes, we forget, we become immersed in the physical and forget our greatness. We forget to trust, we somehow lost the belief we were born with.

Take a look at nature, nature hasn’t forgot, nature continues without schools, newspapers and brainwashing. We are nature and like nature we can find answers, we are meant to flow like a river, bloom like a flower, rise and fall like the sun and come together like the seas.

Look at the butterfly and ask how it knew to build a chrysalis, if it thought about it, if it knew it would ever fly, because I think if they could talk, they would tell us they followed their instincts, they listened to their internal voice.

Do you hear that inner voice, and if so, does it tell you if you ask what you find you already intuitively know or point you in the right direction when you come to a fork in the road. Do you have a certain feeling that you have an inner knowing, but fail to trust in it?

I think it’s about time we started to listen to ourselves, practice this ancient skill and follow our own intuition. The world is a scary place when everyone looks to another for answers, is happy to be led by those that profess to know, or want the power of control.

We have lost the art of knowing, we have forgotten what we once knew, we have given in somehow and become reliant on being told.

All that we will ever need we already possess…..




The Fool

Creativity like a force of Spring, 

giving birth to something new.

To take that giant leap of faith, 

even if nobody believes in you.

An umbilical cord of new birth, 

wrapped around you four times.

Perceptiveness of golden horns, 

there’s nothing here that binds.

The butterfly of transformation, 

flowers split into bunches of three.

Overcoming the fear of the tiger, 

you know where you need to be.

A crocodile with such solid jaws, 

you can cut through anything.

Then the harvest into fruition, 

it has been a while since Spring.

The grapes that signify fertility, 

a rainbow making things whole.

Great principles of courage here, 

yes you will so fit into this role.

I know you’re ready to take a risk, 

you’ve the courage to stand alone.

Listening now to your inner voice, 

in touch with yourself on your own.

With the dove for the love of others, 

the children that show us a pair.

Your unshakable faith in existence, 

walking on now without a care.




A Caper

What a delightful caper it was, 

being back together again.

A weekend that was so magical, 

though they had forecast rain.

To celebrate your birthday too, 

the three of us what a laugh.

A caper when we ordered Pimms, 

frozen fruit would never pass.

Moan as we did and talk of reviews, 

trip advisor was our threat.

Three cocktails on the house at once, 

with giggles they were met.

What a delightful caper it was, 

being three young girls again.

Although we’re all over fifty now, 

some youthfulness we did regain.

A very funny weekend with my sister and oldest friend visiting to celebrate my friends birthday. We’ve all been friends for so many years that we just fall back into it every time we meet, with this time no exception. We had the kids with us, but to passing strangers it must of been hard to spot the adult, oh how we giggled.

The Pimms episode really was very funny, a real caper!