Primp – DP

Today I don’t feel like primping,

unless you want to Skype.

Today I’m going to stay indoors,

I’m avoiding all the hype.

I’m keeping on my slouchy leggings,

with a baggy T on top.

I won’t be putting on lipstick,

I’m not pulling out any stops.

To primp I’d have to give a dam,

I don’t feel like that today.

So I’m staying in my bubble

and the world can go away.

via Daily Prompt: Primp

Second Thoughts – DP

It’s always the last moment,

that I have my second thoughts.

The minutes have reduced,

from two, to one, to nought.

Then I worry I’m too late,

to ever change my mind.

For I deliberate too long,

it’s just that I’m that kind.

If you ask me if I’m certain,

I never really know.

You’ll see me going back and forth,

do I want to go.

So make my mind up for me please,

tell me what to do.

So when it’s time to cast the blame,

it won’t be me but you.


Daily Prompt – Second Thoughts




Irksome – DP

I’m getting somewhat irritated,

you just go on and on,

I want to say it right out loud,

your stories are to long.

I’m finding it exasperating,

when I’m listening to you.

Your boring and uninteresting,

oh, what is a girl to do.

If you could be less awkward,

it wouldn’t be as grating.

Then again not too much,

it might look as if we’re dating.



Daily Prompt – Irksome

Sincere – DP

A moment of your time please,

I want to make it clear

If I comment on your writing,

I’m being quite sincere.

It means that I have read it,

turned it over in my mind,

I comment because I mean it,

not just trying to be kind.

So if I’ve made some comments,

it is me being true,

on poetry and other art, 

the stuff that you like to do.

It means I spent some time with you,

that’s what I like to try,

Sometime you make me laugh out loud

and then you make me cry.


In response to the Daily Prompt word – Sincere









November your far too early,

I’m not ready for you to call.

I’ve not sorted out my sweaters yet,

I didn’t need them in the fall.

November your not welcome,

you bring December nearer,

And all the expense of Christmas,

which is always a little dearer.

So November please just go away,

send back your friend October.

I think he’s rather special,

I wish he would stay over.





The book is open on the floor, I can see it upside down.

But I’m sitting on the sofa, in my dressing gown.

I really should salute the sun, stretch my arms up high.

But I’m finding it a struggle, to bid the night goodbye.

I promised that I’d practice, some sequences everyday.

Ashtanga manual’s open wide, I left it in the way.

To remember to do my yoga, focusing on the task.

If I want to work my core, and my blooming body to last.