Sold to the Elephant

Yesterday was interesting, not my normal sort of day at all.  A neighbour, who I happen to love asked me if I would help him in a business meeting as a scribe for the day.  I had plenty to do, but I agreed because I love him.  I’ve told you about him before, my wonderful homeopath who gave me the butterfly remedy and helped me to fly.  Anyway he also makes shampoos, along with a range of hair products that give volume for those of us that need it.  It’s called Swell and it is honestly amazing!

Well, it was an interesting meeting yesterday, I got a lot out of it, I love sales and marketing.  I find it interesting because I think that life revolves around sales in a way.  We sell all the time, ourselves, an idea, a way of life, our passions and beliefs, it doesn’t have to cost money but it does involve give and take. Relationships are sales in a sort of way as we present ourselves to others, we lay our stalls out and they see if there is anything there of fancy.

I started my career in retail sales and moved over to the care field, instead of selling fine cashmere and silk I now help others see how to move on in life, overcome obstacles and reach their potential.  This cannot be done without being able to paint a picture of a better future, I have to sell the idea for them to believe it possible.  Training is sales, you have to get others to understand the concept and how it will work to achieve a goal.  In building a business or a person we have to find the core values and work from there.

Anyway back to the meeting,  my friend is in partnership with a very good hairdresser, he has worked in the West End for years, has an excellent reputation and has made a tidy sum with a pair of scissors.  I had obviously washed my hair for the occasion of course, you would wouldn’t you, but immediately felt that it looked terrible, particularly on a day that would be focussed on volume.  I joked on the way to the meeting room that I could do with him giving my hair some attention one day.  He responded by saying, ‘I wish you would, I think it every time I see you’.  Oh my god, I know he was joking but I hadn’t realised it looked that bad!

Later that afternoon the hairdresser, was unconsciously looking at me when he was talking about giving volume to fine, limp and thinning hair.  I interrupted and jokingly asked why he was looking at me while talking about this sort of hair,  he laughed and made the excuse that he was reading the flip chart behind me.  The marketing  chap leading the meeting pretended to tick his pad saying, ‘Well that’s the elephant in the room taken care of!’

Swell honestly is brilliant, particularly for those women like me with thin, flyaway hair.  It does create volume, it is a professional product but also affordable.  I’m going back to Swell today, I’m going to use the three step system, cleans, nourish and hydrate and I’m going to have  fabulous, hair with amazing volume.  And another thing,  I’m certainly taking up that offer of a haircut!  I must say it’s a bloody good job I love these people.

Do me a favour, if this interests you and like me you make an order, tell them you heard about it from an elephant  😉