Mystical (Confession) -DP

I’m feeding the neighbours cat,

a job I really don’t mind.

But when I went to feed him,

I had hunger on my mind.

A sweet mince pie waved at me,

from far across the room.

My dinner wasn’t ready by then,

it wouldn’t be served up soon.

So I just picked it up and ate it,

the cat looked on in awe.

It was really quite delicious,

I’d better not have any more.

Now how can I explain this,

could be a disappearing pie.

Maybe it was Santa flying in,

while he was passing by.

Or another mystical creature,

one with a very sweet tooth.

I just can’t admit to eating it,

that would be so uncouth.


A confessional response to the Daily Prompt – Mystical

Protest – DP


I must protest I have the flu,

the female kind,

what can I do.

I will protest I’m feeling sick,

can’t leave home,

it must go quick.

I won’t protest a little nip,

the brandy dear,

should do the trick.


In response to The Daily Prompt – Protest

I woke up feeling poorly this morning, what stated as a tickle at the back of my throat last night has turned into something else completely.  I have honey, oranges and lemons and a drop of brandy if it comes to it.  My nan used to swear by a drop of brandy to get you back on your feet again, purely medicinal of course!


Sated- DP

No my dear, that’s quite enough,

I’m fully satisfied.

Yes I did have  second helpings,

I gave it another try.

I couldn’t get another thing down,

yes, that was plenty.

No, I can assure you dear,

my stomach is far from empty.

I am well and truly sated,

I couldn’t face anything else.

Please don’t feed me any more,

that was just fine by itself.

No, I couldn’t possibly face,

any more cheese and crackers.

I don’t think I’ll eat for a week,

I’m definitely  not a slacker.

I’m starting to get a little concerned,

I’ve eaten too much of this stuff.

I can honestly assure you dear,

I really have had enough.

Is there another motive here,

like something in the food.

No I’m really not joking,

nor would I want to be rude

I think your trying to choke me,

please pass me the red wine.

I just need to rinse my mouth out,

it surely must be home time.


Response to The Daily Prompt – Sated

Happy Thanks Giving Holiday to my American Followers.  Hope you’ve had your fill 😉


Letter to the Young Man at the Call Centre

Dear Young Sir

I’m sorry I didn’t have time to talk to you today, you see I have a life to live and don’t have time.  I didn’t have time earlier today, yesterday, the day before and I won’t be free later either.  You see I’m not interested in anything you are trying to sell me, make me aware of or any money you think you can get back for me.

I would prefer it if  you took me off your list, but you appear to have missed that part of our recent conversations.  I know you have a job to do, but like you so do I and I can’t get on with it with constant calls from you.  I realise you can’t end the call, I know you probably have a big brutish supervisor breathing down you neck but I’m afraid I just can’t help you.

If you were a reader of my blog you would realise that you present me a challenge.  You see I constantly go on about sending love into the world, I’m big on love, but I am struggling so hard to love you.

I don’t like to judge either, I talk about us all coming from different backgrounds, all having different experiences and I know that yours is probably pretty dire.  I realise some call centres are set up in the most disadvantaged of places and to secure that job took a hell of a lot.

I struggle because when I put the phone down on you I think about the consequences of my actions, because I don’t know what they are.  Am I depriving your family of food or are you just a young chap, living at home with mum who couldn’t get a job anywhere else.  Whatever the circumstances I feel for you, but I’m afraid I really don’t need what your offering.

I thought I would write to you, tell you how I feel and say sorry for how quickly I ended the call.  I’ve tried listening politely, I’ve tried putting the phone down on the side so you can feel your being listened to, I have told you the owner of the home (me) has sadly departed, emigrated and has even been arrested for violence but you still persist in me calling back.

Please know after every time I put down the phone, I send you a thought, you could call it a prayer if you like.  I don’t want you to feel rejected and I’m sure there are parts of your personality I would really like.  Who knows in another lifetime we might have been friends.  But for now, could you please do us both a favour and scrub me off your call list.

With greatest admiration


P.S. I wish you every success in securing a job elsewhere.


Fish – DP


I went fishing for the moon tonight,

it did not shown its face.

The moon down here was hidden,

from the human race.

So much for a super moon,

I hear an extra one at that.

All we got was sea mist,

or was it fish and chip fat.

I’m extremely disappointed,

I thought it would be huge.

I think the moons not playing fair,

in fact I’d call it rude.


Late response to the Daily Prompt – Fish, I wrote it last night after searching for the moon

Vegetal -DP

Oh, that wine was just so vegetal,

because of unripe grapes.

Picking that bottle from the shelf,

I made a huge mistake.

The smell of my back garden,

was not my desire at all.

Held up closely to my nose,

my face screwed up appalled.

It did not add complexity,

there was certainly a major flaw.

I poured it down the kitchen sink,

put the bottle outside the back door.

via Daily Prompt: Vegetal