Tart – DP



With a lid you know it’s a pie,
without it’s surely a tart.
There’s some can be more rustic,
then others a’ la carte
I’d fill mine up with gooseberries,
my culinary dream
Served straight out of the oven,
with a dollop of vegan cream.

Daily Prompt – Tart

6 thoughts on “Tart – DP”

  1. Love this. Haha. I’ve often ruminated as to what a pie without any crust is. Depending on the filling I feel it could be many things. A stew. A lump of meat. A jumbled mess of crap thrown together. The crust maketh the pie!

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      1. The pie is very much prudish. Rip that top off and let’s see what you got under there you saucy mare! πŸ˜‚ I like getting carried away by daftness. Being deep all the time the pressure gets to you

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