I’ve a penchant for a wine or two,

they call I wine o’clock.

But when the bottles opened,

I find it so hard to stop.

A penchant for a Spanish sausage,

but I don’t eat meat.

Can you really have a penchant,

for something you can’t eat.

I’ve a penchant for a fine car,

but mine is five years old.

A penchant to repeat again,

old stories that I’ve told.

I’ve a penchant for so many things,

I’m not sure they really count.

So let’s stick to my daily wine,

but forgetting the amount.



Vegetal -DP

Oh, that wine was just so vegetal,

because of unripe grapes.

Picking that bottle from the shelf,

I made a huge mistake.

The smell of my back garden,

was not my desire at all.

Held up closely to my nose,

my face screwed up appalled.

It did not add complexity,

there was certainly a major flaw.

I poured it down the kitchen sink,

put the bottle outside the back door.

via Daily Prompt: Vegetal