Poppy has the builders at home so came to hang out with me.  She was all of a tremble when she arrived as the last time she saw me I swooped in to her place for my friend, to drop her at the vets, anyway she’s okay now, calmed down a little bit.


I’m not sure she was expecting the cat in the mirror. She’s been walking up and down like a lioness watching that other cats every move 😊


Daily Prompt – Tremble

Capacity to Think



As humans are we any better,

than say, your cat or dog,

does our thinking brain and mind,

not just create a fog.

Does it not cause obstacles,

prevent us from the task,

pondering on the end result,

why do we have to ask.

Is a capacity to think destructive,

messing intuition,

hindering what we truly know,

altering our mission.

Is an animal superior,

intuitively just knowing,

living in the moment, 

no worry where it’s going.


I wrote this quickly for fun, but it was something I was pondering on as I’m inclined to do.  I sometimes think my mind an obstacle to reaching my true intuitive self.  Sometimes I go round and round the houses thinking about something, trying to make up my mind, weighing up the pro’s and cons and end up back at my first intuitive response.

Interested in your thoughts 🙂






Feast yourself on me,

I’m beautiful,

you have to see it’s true.

With eyes so green,

I pierce your soul,

and take control of you.

I am a warrior,


and proud,

I rule the shadows near.

Now pay me back

and fuss me now,

attentions needed here!


I’ve been looking after my friends cat and does he like a fuss.  No chance of getting anything done when he’s about!  There’s cat hair everywhere, clothes, laptop keyboard and up my nose.  He’s adorable I grant you, but I can’t lavish him with love every moment of the day.  I love him dearly but I’m so glad my friend came back today so life can resume as it should!