Universal Connection

There is a part of us that is in constant communication with the universe, nature and all living things. This is the intuitive self, the self that lives within the heart and is connected to everything there is, was and ever will be.

How often do we listen and hear what the world around us is saying, or understand the messages we are being given. How often do we really open ourselves up and listen to what the universe has to say. Everything we will ever need is available, universal knowledge is at our disposal and available to each and every one of us, it’s just waiting for us to take note.

Intuition is just a connection outside of ourself, those thoughts that spring to mind from nowhere, the gut feelings and the knowing, without knowing how. Our intuitive connection, psychic ability, call it what you will comes purely from the heart expanding and connecting with external energies. Every living thing is made up of energy and we can tap into this energy, in fact we do tap into this energy constantly without even realising it.

Those psychics you hear about are no different from us, they have just harnessed an ability available to us all and they do this because they trust. Okay some of them have honed their craft, learnt the tarot cards and other tools of the trade, but it is not a gift  only available to the chosen. We have everything we need to develop these abilities inside of us, all we have to do is listen, go into our hearts and connect.

It’s trust that opens the doorway not anything else and that big ego that is telling us this is not possible is really just fearful that it will be dropped.



Finding the Way

Life isn’t always clear, sometimes we have to feel the way, delving deep to find the answers. Our basic senses, what we see, feel or hear are not always enough, we have to connect with a universal energy and understanding in order to find ourselves. The mind does not have all the answers, the roads through the mind are made of man. The pathways of the soul connect to a universal knowledge that will, if we seek, will show us the way. 

~ Liza

Capacity to Think



As humans are we any better,

than say, your cat or dog,

does our thinking brain and mind,

not just create a fog.

Does it not cause obstacles,

prevent us from the task,

pondering on the end result,

why do we have to ask.

Is a capacity to think destructive,

messing intuition,

hindering what we truly know,

altering our mission.

Is an animal superior,

intuitively just knowing,

living in the moment, 

no worry where it’s going.


I wrote this quickly for fun, but it was something I was pondering on as I’m inclined to do.  I sometimes think my mind an obstacle to reaching my true intuitive self.  Sometimes I go round and round the houses thinking about something, trying to make up my mind, weighing up the pro’s and cons and end up back at my first intuitive response.

Interested in your thoughts 🙂