Capacity to Think



As humans are we any better,

than say, your cat or dog,

does our thinking brain and mind,

not just create a fog.

Does it not cause obstacles,

prevent us from the task,

pondering on the end result,

why do we have to ask.

Is a capacity to think destructive,

messing intuition,

hindering what we truly know,

altering our mission.

Is an animal superior,

intuitively just knowing,

living in the moment, 

no worry where it’s going.


I wrote this quickly for fun, but it was something I was pondering on as I’m inclined to do.  I sometimes think my mind an obstacle to reaching my true intuitive self.  Sometimes I go round and round the houses thinking about something, trying to make up my mind, weighing up the pro’s and cons and end up back at my first intuitive response.

Interested in your thoughts 🙂




7 thoughts on “Capacity to Think”

  1. With my five little angel poems I just have to think of my main word and then everything flows around it. I find it so strange on here sometimes. The post for generous I wrote in under 5 mins without effort, but when I do my more personal ones it can take me hours! Sometimes I think we can over think, it’s best just to go with your gut. Also when I do poetry I center the words that way I can tell if it’s going to turn out okay.

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