Copycat – DP

It’s very hard not to be a copycat, with so many thoughts out there in the world can we ever be original.

Do we reach the same conclusions from reaching into our own innate intelligence and finding our own answers.  Perhaps the works of others inspire us and trigger our thinking, perhaps we forget where our answers come from.  I learn on my own, through experience,  but also through meaningful conversation, art and literature.  It wasn’t long ago someone told me something I wrote was similar to the poet and philosopher Rumi, I hadn’t intended it to be but when I thought about it, because he is one of my favourite poets it is quite possible that his words run through my veins.  I’m okay with this as I hadn’t intentionally copied him, what I said was similar.  I’m on a journey of self discovery, so I will be looking to what others before me have said.

As I said in a post earlier today, to create something that comes to us naturally, will be as near to perfect as we can get. The best work comes from the heart, runs onto the paper from your veins.   I do hope that I haven’t got that from somewhere else because I would hate to be a copycat 😉


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