Poppy has the builders at home so came to hang out with me. Β She was all of a tremble when she arrived as the last time she saw me I swooped in to her place for my friend, to drop her at the vets, anyway she’s okay now, calmed down a little bit.


I’m not sure she was expecting the cat in the mirror. She’s been walking up and down like a lioness watching that other cats every move 😊


Daily Prompt – Tremble

22 thoughts on “Poppy”

      1. She has very striking eyes doesn’t she! I have a long haired Scottish Fold myself whom I adore… never seen eyes like that before though!


      2. You should! I feel sure you can look into the soul of an animal. I stare at my cat all the time and he always stares back. I feel sure he’s telling me things … perhaps I’m mad! But everyone has a soul

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