Second Thoughts – DP

It’s always the last moment,

that I have my second thoughts.

The minutes have reduced,

from two, to one, to nought.

Then I worry I’m too late,

to ever change my mind.

For I deliberate too long,

it’s just that I’m that kind.

If you ask me if I’m certain,

I never really know.

You’ll see me going back and forth,

do I want to go.

So make my mind up for me please,

tell me what to do.

So when it’s time to cast the blame,

it won’t be me but you.


Daily Prompt – Second Thoughts




5 thoughts on “Second Thoughts – DP”

      1. Your delightful. Your poetry is always so beautiful. I wished I could write like you. Mine is so off the cuff, but yours always runs deep with a clear message. I think Tree is about the best I’ve managed to accomplish and that was a complete surprise. lol

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