Yesterday I met a woman with the most amazing shoes.  What was amazing apart from how they looked on her beautiful legs and feet was that she had been walking her dog!  I had to take a photo, I asked nicely and luckily she obliged.

Having flat feet myself I was in awe of her ability to walk in these beautiful shoes. I would have them placed on a shelf as an ornament but the thought of putting my foot inside causes my toes to curl.  I’m torn when it comes to footwear, I want to wear beautiful shoes but know that to even to attempt to walk in them would age me 20 something years.

Have you ever seen the pain on someones face attempting to walk in shoes that should have rightfully been left in the shoe shop.  The face a mask of pain with every line a huge crack,  body stiff or lurching forward to balance and walking as if in dire search of a public convenience.

There are shoes for walking and shoes for getting out of a taxi for a few steps to an event where they can be slipped off and stored secretly under a dinner table.

What was lovely yesterday is that the shoes fitted perfectly, the lady in question had the most beautiful smile on her face.  She was a natural, she walked in those shoes as if she had been born wearing them.  I think she’s known for her shoes and I can’t wait to meet her again.

My shoes of choice today are a nice comfy pair of trainers as I’m off on a hike around town.


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