Panic – DP

I’m feeling somewhat fragile, my mind is in a spin.

I’m walking on a knife edge, where did it begin.

With my nerves in tiny pieces, trembling as I go.

Don’t tell me not to panic, I’m highly strung you know.

What if it really happens, where will we be then.

Don’t patronize me,  I don’t want to count to ten.

Your not helping in the slightest, you might as well go home.

Oh, just you wait a moment, while I get the phone.

It’s okay, panics over, they got there safe and sound.

What do you mean you told me, I never heard a sound.

Now that it is really over, let us share some time.

I will cook the dinner and you can pour the wine 😉




Fun response to Daily Prompt – Panic

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