Daily Prompt: Panic

‘Don’t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you’

I don’t know who said that but I like it, who invites trouble in, that would be just ridiculous.

I don’t think I panic now, I’ve spent a lifetime panicking but on seeing the word for today’s prompt, my mind went blank, when was the last time I panicked?  I honestly can’t remember.

I think maybe like blushing, panicking goes with age.  We realise that nothing is the end of the world and if it is we won’t have to worry about it.  I do think about ‘what if’s’ but in a more leisurely way now.   Often the things we panic about are those difficult times, challenges and painful episodes but are they not just here to teach us?

When we have experienced a few of life’s ups and downs we become more able to understand and accept that things are not always going to go to plan.  Then if we think about some of the things that we have panicked over and compare them to real life tragedies well it really puts things into perspective don’t you think.

My mum was a terrible worrier and it made me realise that worry or not if somethings going to happen then it will. ‘Worry is what worry does’ and worrying makes you ill, stress and worry have a direct impact on our health.

Maybe I live a blessed life, I could imagine circumstances where I might panic, being on a sinking ship, falling plane or in a car without breaks, if your staring death in the eye and it was unexpected then I would imagine panic might set in.  Apart from that I’m pretty panic free.

The flip side of not panicking is that I tend to ignore things, put my head in the sand, now that is something to worry about!

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