I promise to do my best to do my duty to God, to serve the Queen and help other people and keep the Brownie Guide law

Well that was a promise I broke, I’ve broken a few in my time and that is probably how it should be because we are always changing.  I’m not the young girl who made that promise all those years ago.  Or am I the woman who promised to worship and obey my ex-husband.  In fact, worshipping him went out the window not soon after he walked out the door.

We constantly change ourselves, our views and capabilities.  I told mum I would’t talk to strangers, I promised her I wouldn’t.  I absolutely love talking to strangers now and the stranger the better!  I mean, how would you ever make friends if you didn’t talk to strangers.

I think there should be a time span on promises.  I promise for the next year, or until I’m grown up and clever I won’t talk to strangers.  Oh and then maybe the apart from, like Santa when I sit on his lap, or the policeman when I get lost.  The more I think about it the more I think promises are ridiculous things invented to scare children!

Some I do keep, like if I promise not to tell a secret, I can be trusted with confidences, I will take them to the grave but as for the rest, I’m not really into promises 😉

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