I know your watching over me

and that your always there.

It sometimes gives me jitters 

if I slip on one of those stairs.

I know you see when I make mistakes, 

getting it so wrong.

When you were here I wouldn’t of said, 

with a nose so very long.

I wonder if there is anything,

that I can really hide away.

That you won’t know and haven’t seen 

when we meet again someday. 

Does it cause you worry now, 

or have those old days gone.

I’m guessing that it doesn’t, 

now your views so long.

I’m sort of getting used to it, 

you knowing everything I do.

I wouldn’t take it from anyone, 

I’ll make the exception for you.

Sometimes when I’m eating cheese,

I stop and think of you.

Knowing if your watching, 

that you would want some too.

Have I found the funny side, 

am I really making fun

But then I have your sense of humour, 

don’t I precious mum.

So you carry on watching me, 

I like to have you near.

But I don’t want any of your nagging, 

am I making myself clear.

Is there a humorous side to death, I think if you had the same sense of fun in life there has to be.  I’m often thinking what my mum would think of the pure unadulterated me. Don’t get me wrong there wasn’t much she didn’t know about me, we were very close but there are those little things we keep to ourselves. I find lies difficult, even harder now as I know she can see.  It’s like I’m checking see will approve or at least not disagree.

She wouldn’t judge she’s not like that but I think I may have disappointed her once or twice.  You see this is the other side of missing someone, if it’s true life goes on and that’s what I believe then they see everything you do!

I think I’m getting more like my mum but then that might well be because she’s around me all the time, maybe subtly influencing me. Like when I put one of her belts around my waist or throw one of her necklaces on.

Have you ever braked hard, throwing you arm protectively across the passenger seat in an empty car? I have!