Old Friends

Old friends see the real you, they see through every mask.

Old friends know when your broken, they never need to ask.

Old friends are there at just the time, you need them most to be.

Old friends are few and far between, I’ve only really three.

Old friends have past the test of time, they have wiped away the tears.

Old friends have been protectors, throughout the painful years.

Old friends know what your thinking, before it leaves your lips.

Old friends have all the answers, if you ever took their tips.

Old friend are wrapped in memories, very special treasures.

Old friends to me the only ones, who really have my measure.

Cheat – DP

Avoiding you is easier, as my eyes avert your gaze.
Sidestepping the emotions, that only time will fade.
Missing precious moments, as I cast them from my mind.
Escaping memories of you,  of smiles so hard to find.
Cheating pain and suffering, I’ve stored it deep within.
It’s easier to evade the hurt, until new life begins.


In response to The Daily Prompt – Cheat

Take Stock


There are many different paths we can take, many different points of view and a multitude of experiences both ahead of us and behind us.  But what is certain in life is that we all end up in the same place.  We reach a point where we can’t turn any more corners, make any more choices and we have to stop and consider our actions.  

~ Liza


Mistake – DP

It was a mistake to let you walk away without telling you I cared.
But your loving declaration found me somewhat unprepared.
I laughed at what you shared with me, not believing it was true.
You must have thought me very cruel to make a fool of you.
I’m feeling so much sadness now, you have a new love so real.
I’ve learnt the hard way sure enough, I hope my heart will heal.







It is both beautiful and incredibly heartbreaking to witness someone you love die.
Beautiful as it’s the last thing you can do on earth for someone you love deeply. To hold their hand and give them permission to leave, even though every ounce of your being is screaming for them to stay.
Emotions between you are shared as if you share the same soul.  At this time there is not need for many words, you feel the way together. You feel peace and serenity in a silence between you and an acceptance and understanding that death will shortly join you.

As death comes a small part of you goes along too, the person who remains here will never be quite the same person who walked into the room.

I don’t think I need to explain heartbreaking, it speaks for itself. I have found time does make it easier, it never leaves you but you learn to live again.

The Park Bench



The elderly man sat down on the bench in the park and looked across the lawn to the tennis courts.  It was the first day of spring and the courts were full with youngsters, it reminded him of the love he once had for the game.  He remembered the trip he took to Wimbledon’s Centre Court for the final, all those years ago.   He hadn’t watched a game in a very long time and today was not going to be the day for catching up.

At the top of the bench there was a shiny silver plaque, the inscription in italic read ‘George Knox – loving father and husband, died as he lived in peace and love’.  He looked at the plaque for a moment and thought about George.  The family had done well, the bench was in a lovely spot, it got the warmth of the afternoon sun but…

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