It is both beautiful and incredibly heartbreaking to witness someone you love die.
Beautiful as it’s the last thing you can do on earth for someone you love deeply. To hold their hand and give them permission to leave, even though every ounce of your being is screaming for them to stay.
Emotions between you are shared as if you share the same soul.  At this time there is not need for many words, you feel the way together. You feel peace and serenity in a silence between you and an acceptance and understanding that death will shortly join you.

As death comes a small part of you goes along too, the person who remains here will never be quite the same person who walked into the room.

I don’t think I need to explain heartbreaking, it speaks for itself. I have found time does make it easier, it never leaves you but you learn to live again.

11 thoughts on “Witness”

  1. When my late husband was sick with cancer, I continued with prayers for his life. The day he broke down in tears in front of the doctor that he didn’t want to live any longer, I left my prayers for him to let him go.


    1. I am so sorry, I know it’s a very difficult journey. I do believe that giving permission and allowing death when it’s time is how we continue to show our love right up to the end. We can walk our loved ones right up to the door and for now, for us that’s as far as we can go. X

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      1. I am so sorry, I do hope I didn’t cause you more through my post. I read somewhere about grief being like a boat at sea, you go through periods of calm waters following the storm and then a big wave comes and knocks you over all over again, this really resonates with me. The continued sadness is also a measure of how much we loved when we love deeply.

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