Lessons from your Blogs

I’ve learnt a lot today and I’ve only been up about an hour.

Learnt from reading your blogs, wow, what amazing power.

Isn’t it just fabulous, that I learn from what you say.

Like on photography, in taking shots, the very best of ways.

And commenting, how I should, to show an author I care.

Via posts, on how, to carefully put my words out there.

On love and life, on success and on every other topic.

Finding messages in your posts however microscopic.

My agenda, to read some more, while I drink my coffee.

I’ve dived into the blogging world, so what on earth can stop me.

9 thoughts on “Lessons from your Blogs”

  1. There’s always more to learn–about life, and blogging 🙂 In 5 yrs of blogging (many blogs) I’m still learning to be cautious with my comments–they can be easily misunderstood, or even turned against us. Bless you as you live and blog 🙂

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