Healing from the Heart

The centre of a flower, the heart of a flower does not break. It is only the outer, external layers that get broken by life but the centre remains whole.  

~ Liza


Healing comes from within and if we enter into our own hearts, we can perhaps, with practice, start to experience a place of wholeness. We can discover a place in which we are whole rather than remaining trapped in a place where we are broken.

I have suffered trauma, I have worked for a number of years with those that have suffered trauma. I have sat with them while they have experienced the most unbearable feelings, held these feelings for them when it was necessary and helped them in various ways towards their recovery. What I have come to realise is that trauma does not go away, traumatic events have a way of returning to haunt us, the effects of past traumatic events continue to live in the body, they reignite and burn through us time and time again, they are after all our experience.

Trauma is experienced by the very humanness of who we are, the person we relate to and recognise and the one we identify with. Trauma is like a deep scar that has never really healed, we can continue to cover it, treat it or ignore it but like a scar it remains.

I believe that if we can go into the heart and look at these traumatic events from a place of stillness, love and wholeness we can perhaps separate ourselves from the one who identifies with these feelings and they just might be easier to bare.

It works for me, I’m not suggesting it would work for everyone but to try is to know. I have come to terms with some of the things that have happened to me, I have watched as the observer, detached in a way from the event. Yes they can come back at times, times I’m not prepared, it was only the other day I found myself in tears, but I know where to go, I know where I can make sense of these feelings.

I feel it’s in our identifying with traumatic events that prevents us from moving on. They won’t ever go away, after all we are human, these things happened to us and won’t unhappen. But if we can allow ourselves time in the heart, to acknowledge these happenings, view them as an observer, as well acknowledging and sitting with the feelings they bring we might start to free ourselves a little.

I believe it’s the heart that holds the key to healing, the core of our being that is timeless and constant, the place that was there before the events happened and the place that remains whole.

I believe healing of any type comes from inside, we have the potential to heal ourselves if that is what is meant to be, we have the potential to be whole.



If you’re interested in a heart centred healing approach please check out my other blog https://restingintheheart.com it’s in its infancy but I’m hopeful 🙂


Bludgeon – DP

I’m going to bludgeon my anxiety,

beat it black and blue.

Bludgeon it until it’s gone

and I can speak to you.

I want to wake up happy,

without those cares about.

Look into the mirror

with a smile and not a pout. 

I want to bludgeon my neurosis,

as this is just a tease.

I have a stupid problem,

that I always want to please.

I want to make the choices,

to do something if I care.

Not because I have to,

I don’t always want to share.

I want to bludgeon self perception,

so it shows me something new.

So I can see a brighter world,

where there’s more for me to do.

I want to feel I’m worthy,

not defined by my mistakes

To perceive myself succeeding,

might be all that it takes.

Response to Daily Prompt – Bludgeon



Trauma Outcomes 

The rumble of thunder surrounds me, 

it’s surfing over the swell.

That disaster will hit is inevitable, 

timing I just never can tell.

My hearts racing ten to the dozen, 

it’s out of sync with the clock.

What started this crescendo of madness, 

is hidden now and forgot.

Nerves are standing to attention, 

anxieties entered the room.

I need some space for reflection, 

before the big band goes boom.

But now the suns up and rising, 

butterflies cover the sky.

Happiness is pushing its way in, 

for reasons I don’t quite know why.

I shouldn’t drink it won’t suit me, 

I’m drunk on tea can’t you tell.

The waters calm and serene now, 

no sign of the earlier swell.

I sing like I’m Nancy Sinatra, 

the stage a place I am free.

I need to pull in theses emotions, 

so the person you see’s the real me.

Turn off the black and white television, 

sit down in an armchair of beige.

Practice taking on what is bad news, 

without getting into a rage.

I need to pull in my behaviour, 

work on my reactions for sure.

Understand that actions have consequences, 

before I make any more.

But that’s the thing with experience, 

it visits without being called.

I’m a product of what went before me, 

turning me into this ball.


It starts off in the pit of me, so deep you cannot see

It grows like bramble thick and dense,  that twists around a tree 

It strangles every aspect, it distorts the painted scene

It screams out of the chasm, it howls from every dream

An evil, twisted and monsterous face that interrupted life

Fear tears me up and spits me out, cuts me like a knife

I have to overcome the horror, the battle I  will fight

I will conquor all this madness, it has to be alright