Trauma Outcomes 

The rumble of thunder surrounds me, 

it’s surfing over the swell.

That disaster will hit is inevitable, 

timing I just never can tell.

My hearts racing ten to the dozen, 

it’s out of sync with the clock.

What started this crescendo of madness, 

is hidden now and forgot.

Nerves are standing to attention, 

anxieties entered the room.

I need some space for reflection, 

before the big band goes boom.

But now the suns up and rising, 

butterflies cover the sky.

Happiness is pushing its way in, 

for reasons I don’t quite know why.

I shouldn’t drink it won’t suit me, 

I’m drunk on tea can’t you tell.

The waters calm and serene now, 

no sign of the earlier swell.

I sing like I’m Nancy Sinatra, 

the stage a place I am free.

I need to pull in theses emotions, 

so the person you see’s the real me.

Turn off the black and white television, 

sit down in an armchair of beige.

Practice taking on what is bad news, 

without getting into a rage.

I need to pull in my behaviour, 

work on my reactions for sure.

Understand that actions have consequences, 

before I make any more.

But that’s the thing with experience, 

it visits without being called.

I’m a product of what went before me, 

turning me into this ball.

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