Bludgeon – DP

I’m going to bludgeon my anxiety,

beat it black and blue.

Bludgeon it until it’s gone

and I can speak to you.

I want to wake up happy,

without those cares about.

Look into the mirror

with a smile and not a pout. 

I want to bludgeon my neurosis,

as this is just a tease.

I have a stupid problem,

that I always want to please.

I want to make the choices,

to do something if I care.

Not because I have to,

I don’t always want to share.

I want to bludgeon self perception,

so it shows me something new.

So I can see a brighter world,

where there’s more for me to do.

I want to feel I’m worthy,

not defined by my mistakes

To perceive myself succeeding,

might be all that it takes.

Response to Daily Prompt – Bludgeon



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