Drowning in the Detail

I’m drowning in the detail,

it’s all too much for me.

I’m not feeling very capable,

just going from A to B.

Stress has taken residence,

an invite wasn’t sent

Oh but it gets worse than that,

it isn’t paying rent.

It’s climbing up the curtains,

blocking all the doors.

I find it through the letter box,

and in the kitchen draws.

It’s bigger by the moment,

it wakes me in the night.

Anxiety it’s causing me,

it gives me such a fright.

I’ll pour myself a brandy,

that should calm me down.

I’ll close my eyes and pray to god,

an answer can be found.




It starts off in the pit of me, so deep you cannot see

It grows like bramble thick and dense,  that twists around a tree 

It strangles every aspect, it distorts the painted scene

It screams out of the chasm, it howls from every dream

An evil, twisted and monsterous face that interrupted life

Fear tears me up and spits me out, cuts me like a knife

I have to overcome the horror, the battle I  will fight

I will conquor all this madness, it has to be alright